Human Blood Vs. Mosquito Blood

Mosquitoes are extremely irritating not only because they suck on blood but also because of their wings’ buzzing sound. Getting rid of mosquitoes has never been as simple as getting a mosquito treatment in Noblesville.

Since mosquitoes feed on blood, many people wonder if they have blood of their own. The question to this answer is in the partial affirmative. In this article, let us learn more about mosquito ‘blood’.

What Is Mosquito Blood Like

Mosquitoes have blood, if you call any liquid substance blood if it carried nutrients in the body. Mosquitoes have a substance called Hemolymph. This substance is present in all arthropods. This substance is made of water, ions, carbohydrates, pigments, glycerol, lipids, hormones, and amino acids.

Human Blood Vs. Mosquito Hemolymph

Even though the functions served by both the blood and the hemolymph are the same, they have some key differences.

·    Human blood is red due to the red blood cells. However, hemolymph is generally clear or yellowish.

·    Blood travels through a fixed and closed vessel system in the human body. However, mosquitoes have an open circulatory system. This means that the hemolymph flows freely throughout their body.

·    The primary function of human blood is to carry oxygen to all parts of the body through the red blood cells. However, mosquitoes intake oxygen through the tracheal tube system found throughout their bodies.

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Why Do Mosquitoes Feed On Blood

It is important to note that only female mosquitoes bite and consume blood. They require the iron and protein collected from blood to make eggs. Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, feed on water and nectar. Female mosquitoes can collect up to three milligrams of blood through every bite.

Wrapping It Up

The liquid flowing through mosquitoes can be categorized as blood in colloquial terms. However, it is, in fact, hemolymph. Blood is necessary not only for humans but also for mosquitoes and other insects.