When Making Over Bathroom Saves Environment

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The writer’s girlfriend is a make-up artist par excellence. She is also a habitual interior decorator, to say nothing of being a model homemaker. She could just as easily make a good living from interior decorating because she is that good. And she could easily become a curator of gardens because you must see what their garden looks like these days. Now, this couple are fixing themselves up with a bathroom makeover in fenton, mo.

And they are just so excited about that! Boy are they excited. Living together is so awesome. They have been together for how long now? Five months? Long enough to start thinking seriously about living together. Well, for others, particularly the men who always seem to crave their so-called space, this might have been too soon. But no. Not for this couple. Right from the moment they met, they became so seriously in love.

Now, before you get any funny ideas in your head about this couple, just note this about them. They are very decent. It is like the writer already boasted, they are a model couple. They know how to make a good home for themselves. It is to believed that they are going to make great parents someday. There is clear evidence of this possibility. You see, this girl loves her puppies. And her man has got a thing for cats.

And so it goes that they love animals. They love nature. And right of this moment, they care very deeply about the environment. Whatever is the world coming to? Speaking of which, they are endeavoring to make their bathroom as green-friendly as possible. And in the main; that means saving as much water as possible. And yes, they do that too. They shower together.